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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

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Chapter 2304 count range
“The main objective of tonight’s banquet was pleasure, however still need to decrease everyone’s spirits a little bit,” Yi Lingjun started off.
“h.e.l.lo, Director.”
Yin Yuerong’s severe gaze picture toward Si Yehan.
Leader Yi hadn’t reach criticize Si Yehan?!
Numerous higher-ups’ gazes landed on Si Yehan.
For the reference to the Yun Location event, everybody was startled. Naturally all people was aware about a real key event, specially them, the higher-ups in the Arbitration Local authority. How could they be confused?
“Yes yes yes…”
“The main purpose of tonight’s banquet was entertainment, however still have to lower everyone’s spirits somewhat,” Yi Lingjun started off.
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“Heh… Do you really feel that, Director Si? The Unbiased States’ procedures and strategy since the past have confirmed the continuity with the Unbiased States in the usa. Amending the rules happens to be an absolute joke.”
Yi Lingjun nodded. “I believe people have heard of the event in Yun Metropolis.”
The bigger-ups who have been criticizing Si Yehan froze on their destinations with dumbstruck expressions.
“The main objective of tonight’s banquet was pleasure, although i still have to cheaper everyone’s spirits a little,” Yi Lingjun started off.
“The steps of Yun City’s Martial Arts Training Union was very outlandish, they also work as a memo for people to bear in mind whether several of the policies that are pa.s.sed down from history from the Separate State are fair and when we need to amend a number of them,” Yi Lingjun calmly mentioned.
Yin Yuerong’s strong gaze photo toward Si Yehan.
Yi Lingjun nodded. “I consider people have come across the accident in Yun Area.”
Vice President Qin nodded a couple of times in succession. “You have to take care of many matters every single day, Chief executive, so remember to as you have.”
Director Yi hadn’t go to criticize Si Yehan?!
Yi Lingjun soon went in the level, his view capturing during the room.
It made an appearance he was thinking a lot of earlier on. Yi Lingjun wasn’t the type of person who utilized favoritism.
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“Si Yehan?”
“The actions of Yun City’s Karate Union was very outlandish, in addition they serve as a reminder for people like us to consider whether many of the regulations and rules which were pa.s.sed down from olden days on the Impartial State are fair and in case we should amend some of them,” Yi Lingjun calmly claimed.
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“I remember Director Yin personally went there to address this occurrence.” Yi Lingjun looked to Yin Yuerong.
Yi Lingjun smiled faintly. “After evaluating the endorsed amendments that Director Si offered, I wasn’t opposed actually as well as observed him rather amiable.”
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Director Yi hadn’t arrive at criticize Si Yehan?!
Yin Heng secretly sneered. Si Yehan was seriously gutsy and in reality dared to problem the Impartial State’s regulations and system and introduced it with Chief executive Yi! He was simply looking for his loss!
“Mm.” Yi Lingjun produced a audio in response.
“Nonsense, Director,” V . P . Qin believed to Yi Lingjun that has a chuckle.
Shortly, a person walked forward which has a wine gla.s.s at your fingertips. He welcomed the director having a light chuckle: “President, long-term no see.”
“That’s indeed the scenario, Leader,” Yin Yuerong confessed that has a nod.
On the mention of the Yun Metropolis incident, everybody was startled. Needless to say every person believed about this type of big accident, specifically them, the better-ups of the Arbitration Authorities. How could they be unaware?
V . P . Qin nodded many times in succession. “You have to take care of a number of affairs on a daily basis, Director, so remember to since you need.”
The larger-ups who are criticizing Si Yehan froze in their spots with dumbstruck expressions.
When Qin Xiyuan saw Yi Lingjun, she quickly went up and greeted him.
In the near future, a person walked forward that has a wine beverage gla.s.s at hand. He welcomed the president by using a light-weight chuckle: “President, number of years no see.”
When Qin Xiyuan discovered Yi Lingjun, she quickly went up and welcomed him.