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Chapter 2152 – Stopped by Jing Yunfei slippery copy
Basically, what Gu Ning was actually concered about was which they might problems the medication manufacturer without delay. People were cultivators. When they really do that, she might not be able to end them. She didn’t look at the medication manufacturer generally, or she wouldn’t give it time to transpire.
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They weren’t dubious of Gu Ning. Even though Gu Ning was quite capable at martial arts training, she had been a mortal in the end, so they really considered that she was no match up for Hong Yifeng.
Thankfully, they didn’t harm the manufacturer.
Mainly because Hong Yifeng rarely went out, Zhou Wenqun didn’t take Hong Yifeng’s disappearance seriously. He imagined Hong Yifeng gone again after neglecting to settle the offer.
“What? If there isn’t a guests room, where can i sleep at night? For the lounger?” Zi Beiying was amazed. If there wasn’t a invitee home, why do Xu Jinchen take her back?

From then on, the disciples dispatched by Wei Xian attended examine it, yet they really couldn’t locate any valuable details. After all, they didn’t be capable of examine the security camcorders during the process.
The key reason why she expected just now was only to get well mannered, of course it wasn’t considerate to seem around in her possess.
Seeing Zi Beiying’s back, Xu Jingchen suddenly sensed angry. He highly regarded Zi Beiying and that he didn’t need to have s.e.by along with her before their relations.h.i.+p was stable sufficient. Nevertheless, he was a normal male. Seeing his dream woman, he ached to enjoy a taste of her, but he couldn’t.

Xu Jingchen also got his very own apparel. Just after glancing at Zi Beiying several times, he decided to go out, however with reluctance!
After a couple of times of unsuccessful destruction, n.o.body system dared to harm Colaine once again, but it really was still organised under small safety.
Leng Shaoting didn’t generate Gu Ning to classes, for the reason that yardage from Mountain peak River Backyard garden to your Capital College or university was very long, plus it would have almost a couple of hours to return and forth. He desired to go back to the military bottom right away, having said that, so he couldn’t commute her to school.
Leng Shaoting didn’t travel Gu Ning to university, simply because the extended distance from Mountain peak River Backyard garden into the Capital College or university was extended, plus it would consider almost two hours to go back and forth. He wanted to return to the military base straight away, however, so he couldn’t generate her to college.
Jing Yunfei suddenly lost endurance after viewing Gu Ning for a great number of days and nights. It was actually so uninteresting and that he acquired practically nothing practical, so he needed to come out.
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There were about eighty vets recruited by Gu Ning’s security and safety corporation now. They didn’t just be seated there and wait around for responsibilities, these were active teaching when there had been no tasks. Although the instruction wasn’t as tricky like the army, it may be considered critical.
Destroying mortals’ information was no much less major than negatively affecting them, so whether or not any kind of them really desired to cause damage, they dared not do it.
Gu Ning believed they weren’t just spying with them, so she was equipped plus they obviously couldn’t find anything valuable.
Regardless, Xu Jingchen mentioned that there wasn’t a guest bedroom, so she easily found the expert bed room. Furthermore, there were clearly just a few bedrooms during this house, consequently it wasn’t difficult to find the space.
Leng Shaoting wasn’t concered about Gu Ning’s safety, he was simply reluctant to depart her. Even so, regardless how unwilling he was, they needed to be apart for the moment.
When Gu Ning left behind the parking lot, she was clogged by another person, it absolutely was Jing Yunfei.
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“In the grasp bed room, obviously,” Xu Jingchen mentioned obviously.
Even so, whenever the disciples forwarded by Wei Xian observed Zhou Wenqun, they discovered that right after Hong Yifeng negotiated with Gu Ning on that day, he faded.
Xu Jinchen understood what Zi Beiying was thinking of and that he wear a reconciled seem. “Don’t be concerned, I’ll sleeping in the sofa.”
After Xu Jingchen sent Zi Beiying straight back to Century Community, he didn’t be much longer and remaining at the same time. He had also been unwilling to abandon, but he had to do his function.
The security guards set up by Gu Ning at Colaine were actually all veterans, and they were stronger than everyday persons, so those that needed to cause harm wouldn’t be successful.
Wei Xian understood Hong Yifeng’s function to visit the funds because he established for him to go there. Even so, following numerous weeks, Hong Yifeng hadn’t brought any information again, which produced Wei Xian feel that Hong Yifeng was too pointless and couldn’t handle the mortal.
Jing Yunfei dropped patience following observing Gu Ning for countless days. It was so unexciting and then he obtained not a thing beneficial, so he needed to appear.
Because some people in the farming planet believed that they were out additionally they ended up sent out by virtually all of the loved ones, the foremost young families had been compet.i.tors and they also couldn’t wait to find out others in trouble. For that reason, people were researching Colaine and looking at one another. If some of them dared to result in any damage, others know. Even when the other people didn’t know, they might determine who made it happen at some point.
“Oh, okay!” Zi Beiying didn’t feel considerably regarding it, and went directly to the excel at bed room.
Jing Yunfei dropped tolerance following looking at Gu Ning for a great number of times. It was actually so monotonous in which he have nothing practical, so he were forced to show up.
Gu Ning recognized they weren’t just spying in it, so she was prepared and in addition they normally couldn’t uncover anything at all practical.

Zhou Wenqun also informed them that immediately after he eventually left the Shengning Enterprise on that day, Hong Yifeng suddenly made him get out of the auto and journeyed in a certain direction, just as if he was going after one thing.